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Faith enjoys working with people to develop their creativity, confidence and technical skills while responding to the particular aims of a project. She works on arts projects in partnership with a wide range of youth and community groups, arts and heritage organisations, museums, regeneration agencies and local authorities. Project clients include: National Youth Advisory Service, dot-art, Quality Learning Partners, The Conway Centre, National Trust, Knowsley Borough Council, Cheshire East Council, Cheshire West and Chester Council, Mencap Liverpool, Rotunda Community College, Harthill Arts Trust, National Museums Liverpool. See examples of recent projects below.

World Lizard Day

Gecko SculptureMembers of the public were invited to create their own sand lizard sculpture at a hands on workshop led by Faith and hosted by Gems in the Dunes in Sefton. The sand lizards formed part of a special display for World Lizard day. The project is part of Back to the Brink the national scheme working to save Britain's most endangered species from extinction.

Remembering Disability - Dadafest 2018

Over 2 million people returned to society as disabled/Deaf people at the end of World War One. Their experiences were varied, but they returned amidst a prevailing eugenics culture leaving many shunned, misunderstood and depreciated. Faith Bebbington worked with DaDaFest and Royal British Legion to produce a series of wreaths to commemorate servicemen who returned home disabled from World War One and conflicts ever since then. The First World War was a pinnacle moment in history when disability became more visible in society and therefore, a social issue. Faith worked with local community groups to create three wreaths exploring ideas around war and disability.

The wreaths were laid on Remembrance Day, 11th November 2018 at Falkner Square and The Cenotaph, Liverpool and Wallasey Mariners’ Park, Wirral. The ceremony held in Faulkner Square remembers Black Merchant Seamen. Faith worked with members of Tiber Youth and residents from Hector Peterson House to create a 'forget-me-not' wreath to commemorate the Black Merchant Seamen and women who have returned from conflict disabled. Three of the Hector Peterson residents laid the wreath as part of a beautiful ceremony led by Sugar Dean. The wreath then returned to Hector Peterson House where it is on permanent display.
DaDaFest also worked with St Vincent's School in Liverpool and with Mariners Park in Wallasey to create two more wreaths in memory of service men and women and Merchant Seamen and women who returned from conflict disabled. St Vincent's wreath was laid at the Cenotaph in Liverpool by Ruth Gould, Artistic Director of Dadafest, and the final wreath was laid by those who made it at the Mariners Park home for retired Merchant Seamen in Wallasey.

The street beneath my feet - St Patricks Catholic Primary School

In spring Faith was artist in residence for a whole school project at St Patrick Catholic Primary in Liverpool, based on 'The Street beneath my feet' book by Charlotte Guillam & Yuval Zommer which illustrates and describes a journey through the layers of the earth down to the planets core. Faith worked with pupils from reception to Year 6 to create an artwork for the school grounds, exploring the varying layers underground and types of things you find there. Year 6 pupils worked on planning the piece and selected a set of key words describing the different layers. The other year groups made moulds ready to cast individual letters in papercrete (concrete & paper mix). During the summer term pupils and parent volunteers moved to working outdoors to begin installing the letters to make groups of words. Faith put the finishing touches to the piece during the summer holidays. The piece will be used for cross curricula learning opportunities outside in the playground.

Balancing Act - Sculpture Trail for Dadafest 2016

silver sculptureBalancing Act is a collection of small sculptures which popped up across Liverpool city centre, for Dadafest International Festival 2016 from 17 November to 3 December 2016. Created by Faith Bebbington the works explore subtle actions many people take for granted, such as being able to balance and simple coordinated movements such as walking. The trail included thriteen works across five Liverpool sites: John Lewis - Home department, Open Eye Gallery, Museum of Liverpool People's - Republic Gallery, Shop Mobility and Central Library plus one sculpture which toured to several festival venues. Dadafest is the disability and d/Deaf arts organisation that present the festival: Dadafest International 2016 Skin:Deep. The festival was launched at Unity Theatre by Mike McCartney (yes, Paul's brother).

Dadafest Skin Armour workshop

To tie in with Dadafest International:SkinDeep Faith also led a creative workshop for the public on Friday 2nd Dec and Saturday 3rd Dec (11am – 4pm) at Tate Liverpool, as part of their new Tate Exchange programme. Members of the public helped to create the wearable ‘Sculpture Skin’ using reclaimed packaging materials and simple art techniques. The Sculpture Skin grew to eventually be large enough to wear! Thanks to Red Brick Vintage for the mannequin.

Dyslexia Awareness Week

Students at St Margaret's Church of England Academy worked with Faith over two days to create 'The Brain' - a giant head filled with a mass of words and figures depicting some of the issues those with dyslexia face. Forty secondary students of mixed year groups developed the piece using recycled materials.

Leon and the place between

book coverRudston Primary School invited Faith to lead two days workshops with Year 5 and 6 students based on the book 'Leon and the place between' written and illustrated by Graham Baker Smith & Angela McAllister. Leon the main character gets caught up in a magic show and enters another world through a magic box. The sculptures depict Leon and his various adventures from the book including going into the magic box, riding on a magic carpet and bringing back a white rabbit. The sculptures formed part of a display in the school hall with the students own stories, drawings which parents were invited to view at a special celebration event.

The Tin Forest

St Patrick's Catholic Primary School, Liverpool invited Faith to work with the whole school to create a sculptural installation based on 'The Tin Forest' book by written by Helen Ward and illustrated by Wayne Anderson. "There was once a wide, windswept place, near nowhere and close to forgotten that was filled with all the things that no one wanted." So begins Helen Ward's tale of the Tin Forest where an old man lives who tidies the rubbish and dreams of a better place. With faith, ingenuity and hard work, he transforms a junkyard into a wonderland in this poetic modern fable. Leading workshops with each year group over five days starting with Yr 6 to Yr 1 students created the key characters and features of the story including three trees, the old man, a tiger, a toucan, insects and lots of flowers.

My space

The National Youth Advisory Service (NYAS) via dot-art invited Faith to lead a series of sessions with young people to create their own spaces. Over two weekends the small group developed their own structures to reflect things they care about and interest them. Each space was a pod like structure made with cardboard then decorated with mixed media. The resulting work went on display at the NYAS headquarters in Birkenhead.

Down on the Farm!

Bebington High Sports College on the Wirral, invited Faith to work with Year 9 students over four days to create a group of farm animals for outdoors. The school is lucky to have its own farm on site, so students were able to study first hand how farm animals behave and move to prepare their ideas ready for creating the large sculptures. As the work is intended for outdoor display the sculptures were made using a technique involving a wooden framework, clad with chicken wire then packed with papercrete - a mix of paperpulp and concrete. When the work has dried out over the summer the students will be able to paint the surface to complete the sculptures.

Space art for New School Building

Deepoint Primary School in Blacon, Cheshire invited Faith to develop a series of sculptures for their new school building. Working with Year 5 and Year 6 students for a week they produced planet and moon sculptures based on the Space theme, to tie in with the school year groups or teams. Children learnt about the solar system whilst creating suspended planets to install in the new school building in autumn.

Flying Things

birds & insectsKnowsley adult services commissioned Faith to produce a series of sculptures to suspend in and decorate the day centre at Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park, Huyton. Working with a group of adults with learning disabilities together they produced a set of paper sculptures which she then decorated ready to suspend in the centre for everyone to enjoy.

flying sculpture

Black Poppies Project

giant letters spell Black PoppiesFaith has been invited to create a temporary installation related to Writing on the Wall's Archive Project, which focuses on an archive of fascinating letters relating to the plight of black seafarers, servicemen and factory workers in Liverpool following the First World War. The sculptural installation features giant 3D letters covered with extracts from the letters in the Archive, with black poppies growing up them. The public joined the archive group to help create the polymer clay black poppies at a workshop led by Faith on 5th December 2015. The Black Poppies installation makes a poignant connection with the iconic 'Weeping Window' poppy sculpture on display over the road from the library at St Georges Hall in Liverpool. The Black poppies can be viewed on display at the hub on the ground floor of Liverpool Central Library, William Brown Street from 18th December until 17th January 2016. See weblinks below for more details.

black poppies

Entitlement to the Arts

Faith has been involved with the 'Entitlement to the Arts' annual programme since 2000. The scheme was originally set up by Cheshire County Council arts advisory service and is now managed by Quality Learning Partners, who are based at Conway Centre Anglesey. The programme aim's to raise the profile of visual art and it's impact in the classroom. The opportunity to work with professional artists can add to the aspiration of the students and enhance the curriculum. Following a series of themed workshops led by the team of artists, the artwork produced in primary and special schools is shown in an exhibition. For more information visit the links below.

'Entitlement to the Arts' 2015 Faith worked with Cambridge Road Primary School exploring traditional canal art and the theme of new life in 3D. Year 3 students made decorated vessels used on narrow boats such as kettles, buckets and the rose and castle landscapes.

Commemorating World War I

The Museum of Liverpool invited Faith to lead a workshop as part of its World War I commemorations. Her focus is on Liverpool's Afro - Caribbean families memories of their loved ones contributions to the war. Working together they have created 3D names which honour those black servicemen and their families experience in the First World War. Faith put finishing touches to the wall of names in preparation for the exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool 23 July 2014 - 1 March 2015.

'Looking to the Future'

A cluster of five Skelmersdale primary schools, including a special school got together to work on a project focussing on children's aspirations. Over 6 days the year 4 gifted and talented students created their own individual sculptures and worked on a group piece which brought all their ideas together. The images show the students take on what 'superpower' they would like to possess and the final group work which was proudly displayed in Skelmersdale Library!

'Moment to Shine'

Faith worked on a Cultural Olympiad project for Cheshire East Council, producing a unique piece of art bespoke to the local community, which captures their ‘Moment to Shine’ as part of the Olympic celebrations. She led a workshop programme with Knutsford Children Centre users and staff, to produce an archway featuring large 3D words and figures to pose with during the culminating torch relay event in May 2012. The work is based on a metal frame clad with bubble wrap and lots of recycled shiny papers collected by the community. Although the weather was wet Knutsford people still turned out in their hundreds!

'Olympic Athletes'

In March 2012 Year 9 students at Wallasey High School worked with Faith over three days to create a group of life size Olympic athletes. They worked outside on the school field to build a willow framework using willow grown locally, then covered it with plastic. As they had a limited time they used masking tape and cable ties to bind the willow, rather than traditional methods!

'Life with Art'

Faith is working with 'Life with Art', a national charity who provide artist led workshops for young people and adults with disabilities and those with mental health issues. Faith is leading series of short sculpture sessions in their Birkenhead and Chester centres, based on a range of themes. Throughout 2012.

'Caribbean Life'

In March 2012 Faith spent a busy, but enjoyable week working with students from schools across Cheshire at Conway Centre, Anglesey. Students worked with Faith on 3D pieces, as well as having a go at music, dance and painting with other artists based on the theme of 'One World Together.' The residential Art education in a Multicultural Society (AEMS) course was provided by Cheshire West and Chester Council.

'Liverpool Trophies'

Groups of Year 9 students at Childwall Sports College designed and built four giant trophies with Faith. The four oversized trophies focus on popular culture, sport, architecture and port history of Liverpool.The project aims to develop a vibrant learning environment through creating artworks for the school corridors. A Curious Minds project (the delivery organisation for Creative Partnerships Merseyside); supported by the government & the Arts Council. November 2011

'Spiral of Life' Museum of Liverpool

The Spiral of Life was developed with REDI young women's group from Bootle and reflects their view of Liverpool past and present. The paper mache piece features famous Liverpool landmarks, scouse phrases and people surrounding a central mirrored mosaic 'pool'. Funded by Echo in the Community. Commissioned by National Museums Liverpool for the new Museum of Liverpool 2011.

'Nature of Art' Harthill Trust

A one day workshop celebrating and interpreting Cheshire's Sandstone Trail. Participants created temporary artworks, using locally gathered natural materials. Organised by the Harthill Trust. Funded by Cheshire West and Chester Council's 'Habitats and Hillforts' programme. 2011

'Liver Bird 100th birthday'

Celebrating 100th birthday of the Liverbird. Created a giant Liverbird assemblage using recycled materials with Anfield and Pinehurst Junior school students outside the Isla Gladstone Conservatory, Stanley Park, Liverpool. Think Publicity & Liverpool Unites campaign. 20th Sept 2010.

'Hands On' Knowsley

An Access to Heritage and Mencap Liverpool project in partnership with local heritage venues and Knowsley Council. Promoting creative activity for day centre and other service users. Workshop programme included practical activities and gallery visits for staff, care workers and service users. Tailored specifically for adults with learning disabilities. Project exhibition held at Kirkby Library Gallery. Funded by Knowsley Council Day Services. Sept 2010 – April 2011

'Four Corners', Garston

‘Four Corners’ project, led by Rotunda Community College. Developing temporary outdoor artworks with local residents in Garston. Jan 2011 onward.

'Can, Can' Speakers podium

Rotunda French Festival - 'Speakers corner' created with local young people for the french themed arts festival held in Bootle, Merseyside.

'Slave Ship' National Trust

‘Historical Associations with Slavery’ Speke Hall, National Trust project. Workshops with young people from Shorefields and New Heys High School. Created a large 3D slave ship using the Watt family crest as a starting point. May – July 2007. Project exhibition at Speke Hall - August 2007.

'Women's Art' Refugee Action

‘Women’s Art’ project for Refugee Action. Series of workshops at Blackburne House with a group of women asylum seekers. Together we created a wall relief sculpture incorporating two large shoes, symbols and text about their feelings. The piece is permanently sited on a wall in Hope Street, the street connecting Liverpool’s two cathedrals. Oct 2002 to Jan 2003

Liverpool Lantern Company

Faith is one of the lead artists for Liverpool Lantern Company, producing large - scale sculptural lanterns for outdoor performance based, site-specific events and processions such as the Halloween Lantern Carnival, Lord Mayors Parade and Snow Queen Parade.